Yuji Nishioka

Yuji Nishioka

We used Michael Hocking to sell our home in Montclair, Oakland recently and he was outstanding.

Prior to choose a real estate agent, my wife and I conducted a lot of research and met several agents. The Michael Hocking Real Estate Team stood out. We spoke with Michael at Grubb company’s office and at our house. He spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data regarding East bay market, and discussing what we should prepare prior to open house. Of course, it was lots of work and tons of effort throughout the process. Michael made the process incredibly supportive and effective.

When we saw our listing we were blown away. His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off – our listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. It is worth mention that he helped staging the house with outstanding talent. He took a great care of the house while the property was in public. He is also nice photographer.

Our house went under contract immediately after accepting offers. We got 5 offers, when we accepted an offer. Michael handled buyers agents well and coordinate with us well throughout. It couldn’t have been a more pleasant Experience.

I’ve recommended the Michael’s Real Estate team to everyone I know. He is true professional and a genuinely nice person. I realize it won’t always be this easy to sell your home, but I think you’d be hard to find a better Realtor.

Thank you Michael and his team-