David and Sarah

Michael helped us purchase our first home in Oakland, CA in 2021. Over the period of our search the housing market heated up dramatically and inventory slipped away. This prolonged our search but Michael was able to adapt and give sound advice throughout. During this time we put in nearly 20 offers with Michael before finally landing a property that we are very happy with. As we reflect on our journey, a few aspects of Michael’s experience and support throughout this process stand out.

First, Michael was very supportive in helping us find the right property to fit our needs, rather than letting us settle for or trying to shoehorn us into what was available each week. We typically saw approximately four houses per week with Michael, in Oakland, San Leandro, Castro Valley, or Hayward. At each property, Michael offered pros and cons and tried to help us work through the implications of each of the different neighborhoods and municipalities, as well as providing guidance on pricing and levels of competition from other buyers. He is especially knowledgeable about and connected in the Oakland area but was able to provide very helpful information at all the sites we visited.

Second, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge of common property issues and defects. This experience is particularly valuable in a fast-paced market where inspectors are fully booked and in cases where the seller’s disclosures seem less than forthcoming. On a number of occasions, we found ourselves interested in properties that had foundation or other significant issues that we would not have come to our attention without Michael’s insights and forthcoming nature. As we reflect on the many properties we viewed and were interested in, we are very glad to have had Michael’s insight on issues that can or cannot be remediated so that we did not get stuck in a property that would have caused grief in the long-term.

Finally, when it came to drawing-up and submitting offers, Michael was always well-prepared and very responsive to our questions, despite a fast-paced market that often left us finalizing details at the last minute, particularly for properties that required pre-emptive offers to be competitive. Michael never let us down.

Overall, we were very pleased by our experience with Michael, and look forward to working with him again when the time comes to sell our home. We highly recommend Michael.